Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator
Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator
Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator
Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator
Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator
Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator
Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator


Abestorm OZ-G700 Ozone Generator

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i Product Overview

Odor problem, OZ -G700 commercial ozone machine is your best solution. The machine can produce 7000 mg of ozone per hour and is specially designed to remove odors such as pet odor, smoke, car odor, etc. Its compact design and leather handle also make it suitable for use in any commercial or industrial area where cleaning is required. 

Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements; cannot be shipped to California.

i Key Feature

【Large-Capacity 7000MG/h Ozone Output】

Abestorm ozone machine destroys odors and pollutants instead of masking them. Ozone reacts with any contaminants in the air, water, fabrics, walls, and ceilings. This ozone air purifier works great to remove any unpleasant smells like pet odor, smoke, cooking odor, car odor, paint odor, skunk odor, and indoor odors. Works very quiet.

【LCD Control Panel】

Intuitive and clear LCD digital display, the appearance is very gorgeous and advanced, and it is easy to operate to avoid operation errors. Compared with the traditional rotator, this ozone generator gets rid of the cumbersome operation, you don't need to manually turn the timer button, you can set the working time with just a few clicks, and then leave the space. Note: For use in no-people spaces only.

【Powerful Features and Multiple Modes】

Abestorm ozone machine has an extra-long timer for up to 2 hours (or "hold") and a 12/24 hour loop mode. And work very quietly. For example, you can run an ozone generator air purifier for 0.5 or 2 hours every 12 or 24 hours to help eliminate strong odors.
Ozone generators are only suitable for use in unoccupied spaces, no people, no pets, or plants in ozone workplaces.

【Super Compact and Portable】

Measures 9.4 x 6.5 x 8.2 inches (L x W x H) and has a comfortable leather handle, easy to carry around, perfect for the car, home, basement, bathroom, kitchen, boat, attic, basement, bedroom, industrial or commercial use, even hunting, vacation, travel, anywhere you need clean air.

i Specification
Power 110V-220V / 50-60HZ, 1A
AirFlow 130 CFM/ 220 CMH
Size for (Sq.Ft) 800 Sq, ft 
Ozone Output 7,000 mg/h
Timer 2 h
Environmental Humidity Requirement <55%   
Ambient Temperature Requirements 14℉~ 95℉
Weight(lbs) 5.07 lbs
Dimensions 9.8 x 6.5 x 8.7 in 
iUser Manual Download
  • OZ-G700 User Manual
  • OZ-G700 Specification Sheet