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Do I Need an Air Scrubber for Pet Odors? Tips for Fresher Indoor Air

Learn about the benefits of using air scrubbers, including pet dander removal, odor elimination, improved indoor air quality, prevention of mold and mildew, and peace of mind.

 An air scrubber can clean up pet smells, improving indoor air. Pet odors can stick around and make it hard to breathe. An air scrubber removes them, along with pet hair and smelly stuff. This keeps the air fresh and healthy for everyone, pets included. Air fresheners just cover up smells for a short time. 

An air scrubber gets rid of the smells for good. It's great for homes with pets that shed a lot. Getting an air scrubber is a smart way to keep your indoor air clean and fresh. Using it regularly means always having a nice-smelling home.

5 Reasons To Invest In An Air Scrubber For Pet Odor

If you have pets, you understand the challenges of keeping your home smelling fresh. Pet odors can linger and become overwhelming, affecting your comfort and the air quality in your home. Here are five reasons why investing in an air scrubber specifically designed to tackle pet odors can greatly benefit you:

Pet dander:

Pets are like family, but they can bring allergens into your home. Pet dander, tiny bits of skin pets shed, can trigger allergies and asthma, especially in sensitive people. Luckily, an air scrubber with a HEPA filter is a great solution. It grabs and removes pet dander from the air, lowering the chance of breathing problems. This helps people with allergies and asthma feel better.

Odor Elimination: 

Regular air fresheners might cover pet smells for a bit, but they don't fix the real issue. Pet pee, poop, and other stuff release stinky bits that hang around in the air and on things. But an air scrubber tackles the problem head-on. It gets rid of the stink right where it starts. These devices keep your home smelling fresh by filtering out smelly stuff in the air, like VOCs, from pet odors. This makes your place cozy and welcoming, without any nasty smells.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: 

When you notice pet smells, it's a sign that other yucky stuff might also be in the air. Besides pet dander and stinky bits, indoor air can have allergens, VOCs, and other bad things floating around. That's why getting a home air scrubber with HEPA filters is a smart move. It helps catch all these gross things, improving the air in your home. This creates a healthier space for you and your family to live happily.

Prevents Mold and Mildew:

When pets have accidents or spills, mold, and mildew can grow if it's humid. This can cause bad smells and health issues. If you notice musty odors, it could mean there's mold around. But don't worry! An air scrubber made to fight mold is the solution. It removes mold spores from the air and keeps indoor humidity just right. This stops mold and mildew from coming back, keeping your home safe. A dedicated air scrubber lets you relax, knowing your home stays clean, dry, and smelling fresh.

Peace of Mind: 

Getting an air scrubber made for pet smells gives you more than just practical perks—it brings peace of mind. By taking care of indoor air quality ahead of time, you can enjoy your furry friends without stressing about bad smells or unhealthy air. Whether snuggling with your pets or having people over, your home stays clean and healthy. With the right air scrubber, you can relax and enjoy being a pet owner without any worries.


10 tips For Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Air Scrubbers And Ensuring Fresher Indoor Air:

Choosing the Right Size

When picking an air scrubber, consider the size of your home. Getting the right size means the air gets cleaned everywhere. A good-sized air scrubber can eliminate pet smells and other bad stuff in the air. If it's too big, it might use up too much energy. But if it's too small, it might not clean the air well enough.

Strategic Placement

For your air scrubber to work best, put it in spots where pet smells are strongest. These are usually near litter boxes, pet beds, and where your pets hang out the most. Putting it in these spots helps it grab and clean up smells right where they start. This means fresher air in your whole home.

Regular Filter Maintenance

Keeping up with filter changes is super important to keep your air scrubber working well for a long time. Follow what the manufacturer says about when to change filters to make sure it cleans the air right. Over time, filters can get clogged with pet stuff and other bits from the air. This can make the air scrubber not work as well. Regularly changing filters helps it eliminate in your home.

Activated Carbon Filters

Think about using air scrubber filters with activated carbon to improve pet odor removal. Activated carbon filters are made to soak up and eliminate smells, like ones from pets, cooking, and smoke. They grab smelly bits and stop them from floating around in the air. Adding activated carbon filters to your air scrubber gives you fresher air inside with fewer pet smells.

Keeping Doors and Windows Closed

Keep doors and windows shut when your air scrubber is on to prevent outside particles, allergens, and pet smells from getting inside. This keeps your indoor air clean by keeping outside particles out. With your home sealed off from outside particles, your air scrubber can better remove pet smells and other airborne particles. 

Regular Vacuuming

Along with using an air scrubber, it's important to vacuum regularly to keep indoor air clean. Pet hair, dander, and other allergens build up on carpets, rugs, and furniture, making indoor air dirty. Vacuuming often can eliminate these bits from your home's surfaces. This makes it easier for your air scrubber to clean the air and improves indoor air overall.

Pet Grooming

Grooming your pets regularly is another good way to reduce pet smells and lessen allergens in the air. Brushing and washing your pets removes loose fur, dander, and bacteria that cause smells. When your pets are clean and groomed, there's less pet stuff floating around in your home's air, making it easier for your air scrubber to keep indoor air fresh.

Controlling Indoor Humidity

Keeping indoor humidity at the right level is essential to stop mold and mildew from growing, which can make pet smells worse and dirty the air. Try to keep indoor humidity between 30% and 50%. This makes it hard for mold and mildew to grow. Using a dehumidifier can help control humidity and stop moisture from building up in your home, lowering the chances of having mold smells.

Surface Cleaning and Deodorizing

Besides cleaning the air, it's crucial to clean surfaces where pet smells stick around. Use safe products for pets to get rid of bacteria that cause smells. Clean floors, furniture, and pet beds regularly to eliminate pet smells. This helps keep your home smelling clean and fresh. When you clean surfaces and use an air scrubber, you control smells throughout your home.

Additional Air Purification Methods

To make indoor air even better, think about adding more ways to clean the air along with your air scrubber. UV-C light and ionization are two good options. UV-C light kills bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, while ionization grabs and gets rid of smelly bits in the air. Using different air cleaning methods together creates a complete indoor air quality solution. This helps get rid of pet smells and makes the air fresher overall.

Abestorm Air Scrubbers Helps Eliminate All Mold Spores from Your Air Quickly!

Are you fed up with pesky pet smells in your house? Air scrubbers are the answer! They get rid of pet smells and improve indoor air. With a HEPA air scrubber, you can relax knowing it's catching pet dander and smelly bits from the air. Our air scrubber plus models have top-notch filters, like MERV-10 and true HEPA, so even tiny particles get trapped. We've got different air scrubbers for home use, like the HEPA air scrubber 550, with three-speed settings for personalized air cleaning. 

Worried about mold? Our air scrubber for mold can quickly zap away major mold spores, keeping your home safe and healthy. Every Abestorm air scrubber is made to go the distance, built tough with strong steel, and backed by a 10-year warranty. With local customer and tech support in the USA, you can count on us to help whenever needed. Get yourself an air scrubber today and breathe in fresh, clean air at home without worry.

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