Custom units can also be tailored to meet specific customer requirements for a certain application or environment, allowing them to reduce energy costs and provide more efficient operation than an OEM product. Additionally, custom dehumidifiers are usually more cost-effective as they can be produced in small batches, allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to pricing.

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We have been in the field of dehumidifiers for 20+ years, and with rich experience in R&D and production, we are still constantly updating the technology. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end result, or we will work with you to ensure it meets your expectations.

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What Are The New Ergonomic On Abestorm Dehumidifiers?

At Abestorm, our core mission is to provide our customers with products that will add value to their lives. Driven by this, all our products are designed and manufactured to meet each customer’s unique needs. We strive to understand how our customers will use our products, and our team combines advanced, intelligent, and ergonomic design to simplify how each product operates.

Ergonomics, Quality

How it works?

step 1

Provide us with your desired specifications. This will be the basis to make our initial construction design.Basing on the initial construction design, our engineers will start designing an assembly line and a system for testing and optimization.

step 2

A 3D drawing of the unit shall be developed.Then comes the tooling and molding process basing on the approved 3D drawing. A production plan shall be made that will forecast the expected timeline for the entire production.

step 3

Once approved by the customer, production will commence. This is supported by real-time updates from our production team to keep the customer in loop of every stage being optimized in the production; from beginning to quality assurance.

step 4

Units will then be shipped to North Carolina to be warehoused. At this stage, the customer or company will have the option to either collect their entire line in one pick up or have their units stored in our warehouse and only collect partial quantities when needed.

There is a certain risk of OEM from other factories!

When it comes to OEM from other manufacturers, there are some risks that need to be considered. In many cases, the quality of the products created by another manufacturer may not meet standards or expectations. As well as a potential lack of trustworthiness and reliability between the two parties. To mitigate these risks, We suggest that you choose our brand-guaranteed and experienced operating manufacturers.

1. Quality risk

2.Technical risks

3.Delay risk

4.Logistics risk risk

6.Legal risks

7.Supply chain interruption risk


Innovative, Reliable, Efficiently

Our Experts Are

Our engineers design our products to be as compact and lightweight as possible. Not only do their small designs allow for easy and undetectable placement but they also allow you to transport with minimal effort. The inner mechanics are placed close to the body to ensure protection from impact if needed.

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  • Dehumidification Solutions

    Once identify the problem, our team of highly skilled engineers creates a prototype dehumidifier, built and designed to tackle the identified problem effectively. We guarantee that our products can withstand even the harshest environments, including severe humidity and corrosive climates.

  • Product Testing

    Prototype dehumidifiers are then tested in our testing rooms, which are specifically designed to simulate water damage. The prototype dehumidifiers are deployed, and our team records the results.

  • Tuning and Optimization

    Depending on the results of the simulations, our prototype dehumidifiers illuminate areas, at this stage, that need redesigning. We continue tweaking necessary areas to ensure the perfect fit for each of our customers and readjust until the units can successfully deliver the desired results.

  • Product Launch

    Before new dehumidifiers are launched, our team fits each with additional features for ease of use and effective operation. At Abestorm, we don’t compromise on quality. We design our products to provide decades of peak performance without any need for repairs or part replacement.

The of Our Dehumidifiers

We understand that different industries have special requirements when it comes to humidity levels. Not only do proper humidity levels play a role in employees’ health, but it is also important to maintain suitable humidity levels for storing goods. Abestorm dehumidifiers are manufactured in strict accordance with safety and environmental protection standards. We utilize advanced technologies and craftsmanship to create energy-saving and high-efficiency dehumidifiers, to satisfy customized dehumidification needs.

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We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, to ensure a great online shopping experience. We also have a local professional service team in the United States to assist you with any questions you may have.

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