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Does a dehumidifier make a room cooler?

Discover whether dehumidifiers can make your space cooler and more comfortable. Explore how these devices affect room temperature and humidity levels, and learn how to optimize your indoor environment for ultimate comfort.

Many homeowners and office managers invest in dehumidifiers to combat excessive moisture, particularly in humid climates or damp environments. A common question that arises is whether these devices also can cool down the rooms in which they operate. While the primary function of a dehumidifier is to remove humidity from the air, the perception that it also makes the air cooler is worth exploring. Let’s uncover the effects of dehumidifying on room temperature and overall comfort.

The Short Answer?

While no dehumidifier is designed to lower air temperature directly, the process of humidity removal can affect how the air temperature feels. Dry air can feel cooler on the skin compared to humid air at the same temperature because it allows for more effective evaporation of sweat, the body's natural cooling mechanism.

What is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a device designed primarily to reduce the level of humidity in the air. High humidity can lead to discomfort, health issues, and damage to homes and furnishings by fostering the growth of mold and mildew. By removing moisture from the air, dehumidifiers help maintain a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment. Choose a dehumidifier for the laundry room.


The primary function of dehumidifiers is to reduce air humidity levels, not necessarily to lower the air temperature. However, the process of moisture removal can influence the thermal comfort within a space, which can sometimes be perceived as cooling.

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How Dehumidifiers Work

To understand whether dehumidifiers can make a room cooler, it's essential to know exactly how they function. Each type of dehumidifier uses a distinct method to reduce air humidity:

Refrigerant Dehumidifier

  • Air Intake: The dehumidifier pulls in the humid air from the room.
  • Condensation: This air then passes over cold evaporator coils. As the air cools, its ability to retain moisture decreases, causing water vapor to condense on the coils.
  • Collection:The condensed water drips into a collection tank or is pumped out through a drainage system.
  • Reheating: After moisture removal, the air passes over warm condenser coils where it is slightly reheated before being released back into the room. This step ensures that the air doesn't leave the unit colder than when it entered, which is a common misconception.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

  • Air Intake: Similar to the refrigerant type, air is drawn into the unit.
  • Moisture Absorption: The air passes through a rotor filled with desiccant material that naturally absorbs moisture.
  • Regeneration: The absorbed water is then heated to release moisture, which is vented out of the unit.
  • Air Return: The dried air, which may be slightly warmed by the heating process, is circulated back into the room.

The Relationship Between Humidity and Temperature

Understanding how humidity impacts temperature perception is key to exploring whether dehumidifiers can make a room feel cooler. Here's how humidity interacts with the environment and our comfort levels:

Humidity and Perceived Temperature

  • Increased Humidity: When the air is more humid, it feels warmer than it actually is because moist air holds heat better than dry air. Additionally, high humidity slows down the evaporation of sweat from your skin, which is our body's way of cooling down. Thus, when the air is humid, our natural cooling process is less efficient, making the environment feel uncomfortably warm.
  • Decreased Humidity: Conversely, in a less humid environment, sweat evaporates more quickly, enhancing the body's ability to cool itself. This makes the air feel cooler even if the actual temperature remains unchanged.

"Feels-Like" Temperature

Meteorologists often refer to the "feels-like" temperature, which considers both heat and humidity, to provide a more accurate measure of how hot or cold it actually feels outside. This concept can also apply indoors, where dehumidifiers play a role in modifying this perceived temperature by reducing humidity levels.

How Dehumidifiers Influence Comfort

While dehumidifiers do not directly cool the air in a thermal sense (as an air conditioner would by introducing cold air), they do make the air less humid. Therefore, the environment can feel cooler as a result of the air being drier, which enhances comfort by improving the body's natural cooling processes.

Does a Dehumidifier Make a Room Cooler?

Now that we understand how dehumidifiers work and the relationship between humidity and perceived temperature, we can address the central question: Do dehumidifiers actually make a room cooler? The answer requires considering both the direct and indirect effects of these devices on room temperature.

Direct Cooling Effect

Dehumidifiers are not designed to lower air temperature directly. Their primary function is to remove moisture from the air, which does not inherently reduce the air's temperature. Refrigerant-based dehumidifiers slightly reheat the air as part of their cycle to prevent rooms from cooling down due to the dehumidification process.

Indirect Cooling Effect

The key to understanding the cooling effect of dehumidifiers lies in the indirect benefits of reducing indoor humidity:

  • Enhanced Evaporative Cooling: By lowering the humidity, dehumidifiers improve the efficiency of the body's natural cooling mechanism—sweat evaporation. This can make the air feel cooler to individuals in the room, even though the actual temperature hasn't changed.
  • Comfort Perception: Lower humidity levels can make the same air temperature feel more comfortable. For example, air at 75°F feels cooler at 45% relative humidity compared to 70% humidity.

Factors That Influence Cooling

Several factors determine how significant the indirect cooling effect of a dehumidifier might be:

  • Initial Humidity Levels: The higher the initial humidity, the more noticeable the cooling effect will be after dehumidification.
  • Room Size and Ventilation: Smaller rooms or poorly ventilated spaces may experience more pronounced effects due to concentrated humidity reduction.
  • Type and Capacity of Dehumidifier: Larger, more powerful dehumidifiers can reduce humidity more quickly and effectively, enhancing the perceived cooling effect.

Realistic Expectations

Users need to have realistic expectations about what dehumidifiers can do. While they improve comfort by reducing humidity, they should not be seen as replacements for air conditioning units when it comes to actual temperature reduction. They are, however, excellent complements to air conditioning by making the cooling more efficient and comfortable.


In conclusion, while dehumidifiers do not directly cool the air, they make environments feel cooler by facilitating better evaporative cooling and reducing the discomfort associated with high humidity. For those looking to lower actual room temperatures, combining a dehumidifier with an air conditioning system can provide the best of both worlds—efficient cooling and comfortable humidity levels.

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