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Beat Summer's Indoor Air Woes: Your Guide to HEPA Air Scrubbers

Combat summer's indoor air quality challenges with HEPA air scrubbers. Discover how indoor pollutants worsen during the warmer months and how air scrubbers effectively remove allergens, odors, and harmful particles.

How Summer Stabs You in the Back

"Did you know that indoor air pollution can be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air? While summer offers a time to unwind, slow down, and enjoy the sunshine, festivities, and outdoor activities, it also presents significant indoor air quality problems. Summer is a season characterized by significant temperature increases, often leading to hot conditions. While many people crank up the air conditioning and keep their windows shut to escape the heat, this approach can have unintended consequences.

While the temperature may initially feel comfortable, it reduces ventilation, trapping indoor pollutants and potentially causing health issues. Dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens become more prevalent during the summer months, wreaking havoc on our health and allergy sufferers.

Furthermore, even with open windows, relying solely on outdoor air quality during summer is only sometimes safe. Wildfires, dust storms, and increased pollen counts can significantly worsen the air we breathe, even indoors. This highlights the importance of actively cleaning the air in our environment, regardless of whether we're homeowners, contractors, or craftspeople.

For homeowners, HEPA air scrubbers are essential tools for conquering dust and other airborne contaminants that become particularly troublesome during the summer months. These powerful ideal air scrubbers help to create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment for everyone to breathe easily. So, If you struggle with poor indoor air quality, seasonal allergies, wildfire smoke, or simply desire a healthier environment to breathe, work, and live in, then this article is for you.

What are air scrubbers?

HEPA air scrubber is a handy filtration system that improves indoor air quality by removing smells, allergens, pet dander, gases, chemicals, and other particles from the air within a certain environment. Imagine this: millions of microscopic particles swirling around your home, triggering allergy attacks and making breathing difficult. HEPA air scrubbers act as powerful filters, capturing these tiny invaders with 99.97% efficiency.

Studies have shown that HEPA air scrubbers can significantly reduce:

  1. Dust mite allergens by up to 95%
  2. Pollen levels by up to 85%
  3. Pet dander by up to 90%

These particles include dust, pollen, mold spores, and even some viruses and bacteria. The scrubber works with a few key mechanisms which include:

  1. The Filtration system is responsible for capturing every invisible substance in the air
  2. The activated carbon filters that effectively absorb gases, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like smoke and odors
  3. AUV light technology kills bacteria and viruses trapped within the filter, preventing their spread back into the air.
  4. Wet Scrubbingwhich is less common in residential areas but utilizes water to capture pollutants.

Sometimes, there are deliberations on whether an air scrubber is an air purifier. While there’s no marginal difference between what an air scrubber does and an air purifier when it comes to air pollution, the major difference lies within the range of contaminants and other factors which will be discussed later in this article.

Air Scrubbers vs Air Purifiers: Striking the difference

While air scrubbers and air purifiers are often used interchangeably, there are key distinctions to consider when choosing the right solution for your air quality needs. Air scrubbers, air purifiers, and air filters are often search terms that go along with each other. So, don’t get confused, here's a breakdown of the primary differences between them:

  1. Contaminants targeted

Air purifiers mainly target airborne particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and allergens while Air scrubbers take it up a notch by tackling airborne and surface-bound contaminants like dust, mold spores, and fumes.

Both are good at getting rid of seasonal allergies but Air scrubbers can be a leverage if you want comprehensive cleaning done this summer if you are a sensitive type.

  1. Technologies Used

Air purifiers primarily use high-efficiency filters, typically HEPA filters, to capture airborne particles while Air Scrubbers employ additional technologies including filtration, ionization, UV light, and sometimes wet scrubbing.

With an air purifier, you only get simple filtration that relies on HEPA filters capturing only mostly airborne particles. But with an air scrubber, the wider range of technologies in addition to filtration is effective against a broader range of pollutants. It can thoroughly remove contaminants in the environment giving you cleaner air that doesn’t trigger allergies or sicknesses.

  1. Applications

Air Purifiers are commonly found in homes, offices, schools, and other indoor settings where enhancing air quality for occupants is key. Air Scrubbers are often used in industrial environments, for mold removal, or after events like wildfires to address serious air quality issues.

This doesn’t mean air scrubbers aren’t recommended for indoor settings like homes and offices, the only downside could be noise level which can be optimized if you purchase from a top brand. As mentioned earlier, air scrubbers have higher chances of getting rid of allergies especially if you are sensitive. With the technology set up, they can do a more effective job of cleaning than most air purifiers do.

Air purifiers and scrubbers do a good job of cleaning and preventing allergies. While the difference may not seem marginal initially, it’s obvious from above that air scrubbers are more sophisticated and have more use cases than air purifiers. This means that air scrubbers is the best air purifier, the ideal air purifier with more functionalities.


Benefits of using HEPA air scrubbers in the summer

As you can tell already, the benefits of air scrubbers exceed just purifying the air. What’s more, is that a HEPA air scrubber isn’t only useful in the summer but throughout every season. Let’s go through the benefits of using them in the summer

Allergy Relief

The summer often brings a flood of pollen, dust mites, and other allergens that harm our respiratory system. These allergens can trigger hay fever, allergic rhinitis, and asthma attacks. HEPA air scrubbers efficiently trap airborne allergens, lowering their levels in the air and helping to alleviate allergy symptoms, enhance breathing, and provide a more pleasant summer for those with allergies.

Lower Chances of Getting Sick

Poor indoor air quality can cause viruses and bacteria to breed in the environment. This increases the risk of contracting illnesses like the common cold, the flu, and even more serious respiratory infections. HEPA air scrubbers can filter out these airborne pathogens, reducing the risk of them spreading through the air and potentially causing illnesses for you, your kids, and your family. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with compromised immune systems or those susceptible to respiratory infections.

Defense against Odors

Summer might provoke more odors in the environment like cooking smells, smoke, and pet dander. When these linger in the surroundings like shops, homes, and offices, it causes the space to irritate people. HEPA air scrubbers with activated carbon filters effectively absorb these gaseous pollutants and odors, leaving your indoor space smelling fresh and clean. This creates a more inviting and comfortable living environment with effortless breathing.

Reduced Allergy and Asthma symptoms

As mentioned earlier, allergens trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, leading to discomfort and even debilitating attacks. By capturing these airborne allergens, their air concentration is significantly reduced minimizing their impact on allergy and asthma sufferers.

Protection against Wildfire Smoke, fumes, and haze

Wildfires are becoming increasingly frequent and widespread, releasing harmful smoke particles into the air. This smoke can penetrate indoor spaces, posing health risks like respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, and eye irritation. HEPA air scrubbers with high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) ratings can effectively filter out these harmful smoke particles, clear the odor, and protect your environment from the negative health effects of wildfire smoke. This is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy living space during wildfire season.

Decreased Likelihood of Respiratory Problems

Poor air quality can worsen underlying conditions like asthma, bronchitis, and even the common cold. It makes them difficult to manage but with an air scrubber, you can effectively remove contaminants that contribute to poor air quality and create cleaner air and environments for your lungs.

Better Sleep Quality

Irritants, dust, and allergens can disrupt sleep patterns causing restlessness and fatigue. It can cause you to wake up with a stuffy nose and itchy eyes - that’s your sign to install an air scrubber in your room. With better rest and sleep quality, you can feel refreshed and energized each time you wake up.


What to Look for in an Air Purifier/Scrubber

Choosing the right air purifier or scrubber can significantly increase your quality of life without extra work. Here are some key factors to consider before making your purchase:


HEPA Filter is the core of any effective air purifier/scrubber. Look for a unit with a true HEPA filter certified to capture at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Some models offer even higher efficiency ratings like H13 or H14, which can be helpful for specific needs.

Opt for additional filtration and technologies like Activated Carbon Filter, Ionization, and UV light. These extra perks help in thorough contaminant removal.

2.Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

CADR indicates the unit's air cleaning capacity, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Choose a CADR rating appropriate for the size of the room or rooms you want it placed. Higher CADR ratings are generally better for larger spaces or situations with heavy air pollution. 

A general rule to keep in mind is the “⅔ rule”. The ⅔ rule involves finding an air cleaner with a CADR that is at least 2/3 the square footage of the space.

3.Air Changes per Hour (ACH)

This metric represents how many times the air in a room is completely filtered within an hour. A higher ACH rate indicates faster air cleaning. Aim for an ACH of at least 3-4 for optimal results.

4.Noise Level

Air scrubbers can be noisy due to their powerful fans. Consider the decibel (dB) level and choose a unit that operates within your comfort range, especially for bedrooms.

5.Size and Portability

Think about where you plan to use the air scrubber and choose a size that fits the space comfortably. Some models offer portability features like wheels for easy movement between rooms. Our Alorair Air Scrubber makes up for that with it's stackable feature giving more room for other items in the room.


Regular filter replacements are crucial for optimal performance. Choose a model with readily available and affordable replacement filters. Additionally, check the ease of cleaning and maintenance procedures.

7.Warranty and Brand Reputation

Opt for a reputable brand with a good warranty to ensure quality and reliable customer service. This is important due to the upfront cost these devices have, always go for a trustworthy brand.

How to choose the right HEPA air scrubber for your needs

With so many air scrubbers in the market, you must know how to spot the right one that will serve your needs.

Once you understand the key features, consider these additional factors to select the ideal air scrubber for your specific situation:

Specific Air Quality Concerns: If you have allergies, prioritize HEPA filtration. For smoke or wildfire concerns, a high CADR rating is crucial. For mold remediation, choose a model with additional features like UV light.

Room Size: Ensure the CADR rating and ACH are sufficient for the intended space.

Budget: Air scrubbers range in price depending on features and technology. Determine your budget and find a model that offers the necessary functionalities within your price range.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the HEPA air scrubber that best addresses your air quality needs and improves your summer indoor environment.

Your Next Steps - Equip yourself

Don't let the summer and seasonal troubles frighten you. With HEPA AIR scrubbers, you can clean your environment and air efficiently, filtering 99% of every micron. It's like a free ticket to getting rid of seasonal allergies and illnesses.

Contractors, Craftsmen craftswomen, and homeowners all use our AlorAir CleanShield HEPA 550 air scrubber to get the benefits above.

Here's a Quick Recap on the benefits of using air scrubbers in the summer:

  1. It relieves allergies and illnessesespecially for sufferers so they can live and breathe normally.
  2. It removes disgusting odorslike cooking smells and smoke that ruin the environment.
  3. It protects us from harmful wildfire smokesthat cause irritation and short breath.
  4. It reduces symptoms of respiratory problems like asthmaand
  5. It offers an overall better quality of life and sleepby just running in the background

No more stuffy nose, itchy eyes and spluttering coughs in the night. If any of the symptoms show up in this season, it's a sign to equip yourself.

Remember: Choose a trusted brand with a reliable service.

Join thousands of others who have conquered the seasonal allergies and fears with Abestorm Filteair HEPA 550 air scrubber. 

Come Check for yourself if it crosses the requirements. If it does, there's a hot sale going on so click here to secure your purchase before the promo is over.


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