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Abestorm 180 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump
Abestorm 180 Pints Commercial Dehumidifiers | Hurricane 85P
Sale price$639.28 USD Regular price$799.11 USDBuy Now
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air scrubber uv light
Abestorm 550 CFM Filteair HEPA V2 Air Scrubber with UV-C Light
Sale price$559.00 USD Regular price$699.00 USDBuy Now
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abestorm 198 pints commercial dehumidifiers
Abestorm 190 Pints Commercial Dehumidifiers | Hurricane 900
Sale price$861.60 USD Regular price$1,077.00 USDBuy Now
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Abestorm Commercial Dehumidifiers
Abestorm 270 Pints Commercial Dehumidifiers | Hurricane 1250
Sale price$1,175.00 USD Regular price$1,467.00 USDBuy Now
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air scrubbers for hvac
Abestorm HEPA UVIG Commercial Air Scrubber Up to 600 CFM
Sale price$567.99 USD Regular price$709.99 USDBuy Now
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Powerful Commercial Dehumidifier With Pump

Energy Star Dehumidifier, This Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier offers humidity control ranging from 40% to 80%, allowing you to create the ideal indoor environment. With its energy-efficient design, it not only lowers your operating costs but also minimizes your carbon footprint. Make a conscious choice to reduce your energy bill while positively impacting the environment.

Effortless Humidity Control and Robust Construction, This heavy-duty dehumidifier features memory restart, auto operation, auto defrost, and optional remote control. With a metal outer casing that is both anti-collision and anti-corrosion, this commercial/industrial dehumidifier ensures long-term use, easy maintenance, and reliable performance.


Customer Voices

Celebrating Our Quality & Service

Customer Voices

Celebrating Our Quality & Service

I am very glad i went with this one. I am extremely happy with the quality and the design. I have tested it and it works great. I recommend it if you are looking for one!

Mohammad .S

It's relatively light weight. I say relatively b/c it has a metal chassis that makes it more rugged than one with a plastic body. It has a port that allows for a remote humidistat.


I placed this in my attic to help keep the humidity down. This works like a true powerhouse. The vale for the pump works as expected with no issues at all. Super quiet for how efficient it is!!!

Sean M

My really fun Amazon Prime Day purchase lol!! Commercial grade dehumidifier. Our last one that was supposed to work for 4500 sf crapped out after 1.5 years.

Nice little air scrubber,... the weight is just right, a bit lighter than my other air scrubbers. Filters can be easily replaced with clips keeping them firmly in place.

Robert H

This is a Amazing unit and will out pass all the brand name units out their. If you looking for a dehumidifier that can dry anything residential or commercial buy this one.

Robert R