AbeStorm-R APP Download - Remote Control App, control your home devices at any time.

Remote connection and control technology

No matter where you are, you can use your mobile phone to control your device and change its settings.

Gyms & Fitness Center

Wine Cellar


Effective Smart Control App

User-friendly interface

Simple and intuitive user interface, easy to operate; easy to use for both the elderly and the young.

Data Recording and Analyzing

Record and analyze historical data to help you understand the trend of indoor humidity and provide reference for indoor environment adjustment.

Intelligent Management

It can automatically adjust the working mode of the device according to the real-time monitored indoor humidity.

How It Works?

PDF Materials

New AbeStorm-R APP connection operation guide, only 6 steps can be connected to the device.

New AbeStorm-R APP connection operation guide, only 6 steps can be connected to the device.

FAQ About AbeStorm-R

+ 1. How to download APP?
We support App Store and Google Play, you can download it by clicking the corresponding button on the "APP Download" Page of our official website.
+ 2. What if I can't see the activation email?
Please check if your e-mail account is correct. If you still can't receive it, please check the trash of your mailbox.
+ 3. What is the APP's privacy policy?
You can check the privacy policy in the APP to know how the APP handles personal information. Or view our latest privacy policy page
+ 4. What should I do if I can't connect my device successfully?

1. Check whether the device is powered on and in the state of pending connection.

2. Check the network connection, make sure your device and mobile phone are under the same network and the network connection is normal.

3. Try to reboot your device and phone, sometimes reboot can solve the connection problem.

4. If the above methods still can't solve the problem, we recommend contacting our customer service team for help.

+ 5. Can APP connect to multiple devices at the same time?
AbeStorm-R supports adding multiple devices, you can manage and control them on the same mobile phone.


The following products can be connected to the mobile phone APP to control

Hurricane LGR 85

Hurricane 850

Hurricane 900

Hurricane 125P