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6 in inline duct fan
6 inch inline duct fan
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  • DC brushless PWM precise speed control, reduce rotor noise, energy-saving and efficient output. Booster turbine blades provide high static pressure output and stronger wind power.

  • V-shaped hoop, easy and fast disassembly, and installation, as well as IP-44 sealing protection, high resistance to liquids and dust. Double ball bearings are equipped with a dynamic balance test as standard, which makes the product run more quietly and last longer.

  • TITIANPRO T6 can be programmed to control as you like, with parallel control of temperature and humidity environment and time system to meet your unlimited needs. Controller with memory function, and after a power failure, the turn-on power can resume the last facility for operation.

  • Suitable for hydroponic growing room ventilation, for intake fan or exhaust fan in the growth room, and for larger growth tent use.

  • 6 inch inline duct fan, Dimensions 12.5x 8.6x 9inch, Airflow Range(Pa) 402CFM, Sound Pressure Level(dBa) 32dBA.

Abestorm 402 CFM TitianPro T6, Inline Duct Fan, Ventilation Exhaust Fan for Cooling Booster, Grow Tents, Hydroponics

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Abestorm 402 CFM TitianPro T6

Product Description
8 inch inline duct fan

Lightweight & Durable
Designed to ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, transfer heating/cooling, cool AV closets.and exhaust odors

duct booster fan

The TITIANPRO T6 can be programmed to control as you wish, with warm and humid environments and time systems in parallel to meet your unlimited needs. The controllers
have a memory function,and after a power failure, the turn-on power can resume the last facility for operation

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