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  • Large Capacity Dehumidifiers -- This commercial dehumidifier can remove 110 PDD moisture at saturation and 50 PPD moisture at AHAM. It is suitable for large workplaces up to 1300 sq. ft, such as new construction areas, plaster drying, basements/cellars, garages and crawl spaces.
  • Portable Commercial Dehumidifiers -- Compact size of 17.0 1x 14.76x 23.23 inch and weight of 57.32 lbs; Under the condition of unchanged performance, the volume of whole dehumidifiers is 40% smaller. The Hurricane DV dehumidifier has a similar compact size to household dehumidifier, but its dehumidification capacity and performance are far superior to it.
  • Convenient to Use -- The industrial dehumidifier with pump allows draining anytime, anywhere. Provides space to store 19.6 ft power cord and 19.6 ft condensate drain hose. The stackable design makes it easy to move and keep this small dehumidifier. The low-temperature operation, waterproof and automatic defrost function extends the service life of dehumidifiers.
  • Water Damage Restoration -- This compact dehumidifier efficiently reduces the temperature in the air and maintains ideal relative humidity. The rotomolded plastic housing and waterproof design allow this versatile dehumidifier to withstand harsh working environments, providing you and your family with the ideal conditions for odor-free storage or comfortable living space.
  • 5-year Warranty and U.S. Service -- We have a solid and professional local customer service team and provide you with a 5-year warranty. We take your experience very seriously. If you encounter difficulties using this commercial dehumidifier, please feel free to contact us.

Abestorm 110 Pints Commercial Dehumidifiers | Hurricane DV

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Abestorm 110 Pints Commercial Dehumidifiers | Hurricane DV

Product Description
portable dehumidifier commercial

Smart control Panel: lntegrates Humidity Display and Operating Buttons into One Smart Control panel for One-Touch Operation

Auto-Start and Shut off: The commercial dehumidifier according the target humidity

Low Temperature Auto Defrost: Ensure that the equipment can have good performance even in low temperature conditions.

Intelligent Humidity Regulation: Auto maintains space humidity to the target you set, the unitwill be turned off to save energy when the humidity level isreached. When the humidity level rises, the unit will auto turnon to continue dehumidifying

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150 CFM Airflow: Perfect for your places commercial and industrial use. It can generate up to 150 CFM airflow to rapid drying of excess water.

Coverage Area1300 Sq.Ft: To create the perfect humidity in your places which provides
you with life comfort.
110 PPD Dehumidification: This commercial dehumidifier can remove a large amount of water in a space of 1300 square feet, up to 110 pints per day.

commercial dehumidifier for basement
Pump Drainage: The dehumidifier allows draining anytime, anywhere. Provides space to store 19.6 ft power cord and 19.6 ft condensate drain hose.
Hurricane DV Dehumidifier: Perfect for Your Commercial or Any Large Space

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commercial desiccant dehumidifier
i Specification
AHAM, (80°F, 60% RH)(Pints) 50 Pints
Max. at saturation (90°F, 90% RH)(Pints) 110 Pints
Size for (Sq.Ft) 1,300 Sq.Ft
Airflow 150 CFM/250 CMH
COP 2.1 L/Kwh
Filter MERV-8
Voltage(V) 115V, 60Hz
Unit Dimensions (L×W×H)(in ) 17x 14x 23.1 in
Power Cord(ft) 19.6 ft (6 M)
Unit Weight (lbs) 58lbs(26kg)
Drain Pipe(ft) 19.6 ft (6 M)
Drain Height(ft) 14.7 ft (4.5M)
Functioning Humidity Range(%) 25~80%
Temperature Range(℉) 33.8~104℉
Sound Pressure Level(dBa) 58 dBA
Refrigerant R410A
Enjoy healthy air in a comfortable environment
Improve Your Environment with Abestorm Dehumidifiers