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  • Multiple Filtration - DecDust V2 Pro Air scrubber commercial with 3-stage filter system, used with pre-filter, HEPA filter which captures 99.97% of 0.3-micron airborne particles such as smoke, pet dander, pollen, wood chips, and debris allergens, etc. Heavy-duty air scrubbers are ideal for use in large commercial spaces to improve air quality.
  • Built-in UV Light - Commercial air scrubber has built-in UV-C light technology, which is used in conjunction with pre-filter, activated carbon HEPA air filter to effectively improve the air purification effect. The max application range of the commercial air scrubber is 20000cu.ft, which can be used in large areas.
  • 2000CFM Air Scrubber - This commercial air purifiers is one of the most advanced commercial air scrubber on the market, meeting the 800-2000 CFM adjustable frequency conversion wind speed; equipped with handrails and ultra-quiet casters, providing greater flexibility in transportation, in an enclosed controlled area to remove polluted air.
  • Professional - Our DecDust V2 Pro air cleaner is a contractor-grade portable air scrubber. Strong rotomolded shell, optional pipes (pipes are sold separately), easy-to-use operation panel, etc., and specially designed overload protection reminders to protect machine energy consumption so that it can maintain stability, efficiency, and durable.
  • Wide Applicability - DecDust V2 Pro industrial air scrubber is designed for industrial, commercial renovation, large basements, and large spaces, such as commercial renovation, workshop printing, construction sites, water, and fire damage restoration, factory sewage restoration, lobby hall, hotel, schools, large office locations, etc.
  • Important Notice: This product does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements, and cannot be shipped to California. Compliant with EPA standards for sale in other regions.

Abestorm 2000 CFM Commercial Air Scrubber | DecDust V2 Pro

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Abestorm 2000 CFM Commercial Air Scrubber | DecDust V2 Pro

Product Description
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Why Choose Abestorm DecDust V2 Pro Air Scrubber?

Abestorm DecDust V2 Pro Commercial and Industrial Air Scrubber with MERV 10 Pre-Filter and Efficient H13 True HEPA Filter. It is a convenient filtration system that cleans the air such as restoration jobs, including water, sewage, and fire.

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Decdust V2 Pro air scrubber designed for large rooms, light industrial settings, large lumber mills, schools, and hospitality venues.

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i Specification
Measures 39.76*29.33*32.68in
Weight 132.28 lbs
Coverage 20000 cu ft
Air Volume 800-2000CFM
Noise Levels 70 dB
Filter Type 3-stage
Voltage(V) AC 115V, 60Hz/5.5A

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