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  • 🍃【360 degree air filtration system】DecDust 1350 workshop dust collector is designed with 360 degree air inlet and equipped with strong vortex fan, which generates strong airflow when working and can remove large amount of dust and wood chips,it has two speed options 1050 or 1350 CFM ideal for wood carving workshop, woodworking sanding, turning, scroll sawing work, powder mixing, etc.
  • 🍃【Dimensions and Specifications】Item Size 20.5*20.5*9.8 inches; Electrical Requirements 115V, 60 Hz, 1.5 A; Air flow 1050 to 1350 cubic feet per minute; Cover rooms up to 1700 sq ft. Noise rating 60 to 69 dBA; Item Weight 27 lbs; MERV-11 Filter 13.2*9.5*1.5 inches.
  • 🍃【High Efficiency MERV-11 Air Filter】The 360 Degree Intake Air Filtration System is equipped with MERV-11 filter which can stop 90% of 3-10μm particles and 85% of 1μm particles. very suitable for wood carving, grinding, turning, circular saw work, powder mixing, etc.
  • 🍃【Convenient Controls, Easy to Install】With a hook and chain, the shop dust collector is easy to move and can be hung from the ceiling in the shop or placed on a workbench. There are two kinds of operation control (panel touch and IR remote control), you can control the speed and timer, the remote control can let you control the air filter from 27 feet away, ideal for workshop, woodworking, shop, garage.
  • 🍃【Reliable Quality】Each Abestorm air filtration system are professionally and rigorously tested before being put on the market. We confidently provide warm service and lifetime technical support.

Abestorm 360 Degree Intake Air Filtration System Woodworking | DecDust 1350

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Abestorm 360 Degree Intake Air Filtration System Woodworking | DecDust 1350

Product Description
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How can to reduce the disturbance of wood chips and particles in the workshop and create a fresh and clean air environment?

Choose an ABESTORM air filtration system

Most woodworking shops produce a lot of wood chips and particles floating in the air when cutting wood, which can be a major nuisance for those working in the woodworking shop, affecting their productivity and even their breathing problems.

The ABESTORM DecDust air filtration system has 4 MEVR11-rated filters that block 90% of 3-10μm particles and 85% of 1μm particles. It is ideal for wood carving, sanding, turning, scroll saw work, powder mixing, etc., and has perfect results in reducing indoor air pollution.


  • The unit comes with a 360-degree air intake design that circulates air up to 13 times per hour in a 400-square-foot room.
  • Two-speed operations allow for optimal airflow at 1050 or 1350 cubic feet per minute.
  • Equipped with 4 MEVR-11 rated filters for easy installation and replacement.
  • Remote control of airspeed and timer shutdown with infrared remote control at 27 long-distance.
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Powerful Indoor Air Circulation System

  • This shop dust collector is equipped with a powerful vortex fan that produces a strong airflow when working, which can quickly absorb a large number of wood chips and gases, converting clean air, and it has two-speed options (1050/1350 CFM).
  • The 360-degree intake air circulation system is equipped with hooks and chains, with the option of hanging it from the ceiling or placing it directly on the workbench, according to your free choice.
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ABESTORM DecDust air filtration systems are widely used in various woodworking workshops to effectively clean the air of wood particles and odors, which can well improve wood turning, sanding, sawing, and air quality.


  1. The package includes mounting suspension accessories (chains, brackets).
  2. Replace the MERV-11 filter every 2-4 months depending on use to improve cleaning efficiency
  3. Use a separate electrical circuit for your tools. This circuit must not be less than a 12 AWG wire and should be protected with a 15 A time-delayed fuse.

IMPORTANT: Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements; cannot be shipped to California.

i Specification
Power (115V) 1.5 Amps
AirFlow 1350 CFM
Size for (Sq.Ft) 1,700 sq.ft
Cord 5 ft Power Cord
Ion Function ×
Sound Pressure Level(dBa) 69 dBA
Weight(lbs) 27Ibs
Dimensions 20.5x 20.5 x 9.8 in



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