dehumidifier in a car

Where to place a dehumidifier in a car?

Dehumidifiers fight fog on windows and musty odors and protect your car's interior from moisture damage. Learn how they create a more comfortable and healthy car environment.

Are you wondering why you need a dehumidifier in a car? Let's see why. Your car’s interior can absorb moisture, especially when it is wet outside or raining and snowing. This causes fogginess on the windows, production of bad smells, and, at times, may lead to mold formation. Mold can damage the inside of your car and aggravate allergies or asthma. Dehumidifiers assist by removing more moisture from the air. They draw in wet air, condensing the moisture and then expelling dry air into the car. This can help in avoiding the issues that we pointed out earlier. 

There are two main types of dehumidifiers for cars: electric and desiccant. Electric dehumidifiers are devices usually connected to the car’s cigarette lighter and employ electrical energy to eliminate moisture. Desiccant dehumidifiers are like big bags of crystals that absorb water or moisture from the air. Depending on your purchase type, these crystals may need to be replaced or recharged. Let's take a look at the best place to put the dehumidifier. 

What Is The Best Place To Put Dehumidifier?


    If your primary concern is fogged-up windows, then the dashboard is the best for you. It is usual for moisture to rise, and a car dehumidifier here can draw moisture-filled air before it condenses on the windshield as fog. This spot also eliminates stinks around the air vents, capturing them before spreading them all around the car. However, dashboards can be small, and some dehumidifiers might block airflow from the vents or tip over during sharp turns or sudden stops.

      Rear Window Shelf

      Another good place to place your dehumidifier is on the rear window shelf, which is the flat area behind the back seats. It is beneficial if you repeatedly encounter fog on your car's rear window. Water can enter the back of the vehicle through the window, for instance, during a rainy day or when passengers are in the back seat. This moisture can condense on the window and obstruct your view, but a dehumidifier on the rear shelf can prevent this. It depends on the capacity of the dehumidifier you own and the design of the rear shelf. The effectiveness of the dehumidifier may be reduced if the shelf is too narrow or is covered with items.


        Moisture can settle on car carpets, especially after wet shoes or spills. Placing a dehumidifier on the floorboards can draw out moisture and stop mildew from growing. This is a good option if you think there's a lot of moisture trapped inside your car, maybe because of leaks or a humid climate. Make sure to put the dehumidifier on a raised platform to avoid soaking or damaging it from leftover puddles.  Also, make sure it doesn't block airflow from under the seats.

          Center Console

          The center console can be an excellent spot to target the entire cabin space. This central placement allows the car dehumidifier to draw moisture from all directions.  Some cup holders in center consoles are big enough to fit a small dehumidifier. This is a convenient option if you don't have much space elsewhere in your car. However, depending on the size and design of your center console, a dehumidifier might block you from using the cup holders, shifter, or armrest.


            The trunk is a good option if you're worried about too much moisture in the cargo area, maybe because of wet groceries or sports equipment. Mold can be a big problem in trunks, so a dehumidifier can help prevent this issue.  Since trunks are usually closed off from the passenger cabin, a dehumidifier here won't directly address foggy windows or smells in the front seats. However, it can be helpful if you primarily use the trunk for storing damp items.  Keep in mind that some trunks have limited ventilation. Make sure your dehumidifier has enough airflow to work well and prevent moisture from building up inside the dehumidifier itself.

            Benefits Of Installing The Dehumidifier In A Car

              Stops Foggy Windows

              Foggy windows are a common problem when there's a lot of moisture in the air or after rain or snow gets inside your car. This moisture builds up on the windows, making it hard to see and dangerous to drive. A dehumidifier for cars helps by constantly removing extra moisture from the air so it doesn't build up on the windows and keeps them clear. This makes it easier to see out, especially at night or when there's little light.

                Fights Musty Smells and Gets Rid of Allergens

                Moisture can trap smells inside your car, making it stink like mildew. This can happen for many reasons, like spilled drinks, wet clothes, or mold growing. Dehumidifiers help by sucking in moisture and the smells that come with it. This can significantly reduce musty smells and leave your car smelling fresh and clean. Also, mold spores love damp places to grow. Dehumidifiers help control moisture levels, making it harder for mold to grow and spread allergy triggers inside your car. This can be especially helpful for people with allergies or asthma who may be more sensitive to mold and other allergens.

                  Reduces Window Cleaning Frequency 

                  Foggy windows are a pain to deal with, and cleaning them all the time can be a big hassle. Wiping them down every time they fog up takes time and effort, and it can leave streaks or marks that make it even harder to see out. Dehumidifiers help by stopping moisture from building up on the windows in the first place. They take out extra moisture from the air all the time, so you don't have to clean your windows as often. This keeps your windshield clear and easy to see through, especially when it's humid outside or after rain or snow gets inside your car.

                    Prevents Leather Cracking 

                    Leather seats look and feel nice, but they can crack and dry out if there's too much moisture in the air. Dehumidifiers keep the moisture level in your car just right so the leather doesn't stiffen and crack. This helps keep your leather seats soft and comfortable for longer and also makes the inside of your car look nicer for longer.

                      Prevents Rust

                      Car interior parts like screws, nuts, or bolts or the parts beneath the car may rust if the humidity levels are high. They can corrode these parts and cause them to break, which, in turn, is costly to repair. A dehumidifier in a car helps regulate the humidity inside the interior part of the car so that the metal components do not rust. This, in turn, reduces the chances of the metal parts getting damaged, making them more durable.

                        Creates a Healthier Environment

                        It is essential to eliminate moisture to avoid mold and mildew formation. These organisms cause foul odors in your car and can worsen allergies or breathing issues for some individuals. Dehumidifiers also help regulate the vehicle's moisture to ensure mold and mildew do not develop. In addition, dehumidifiers help reduce the humidity inside the car, making the air cleaner to breathe. This makes the car more comfortable and nutritious for anyone who uses the vehicle, especially passengers who have allergies or breathing difficulties.

                          Protects Your Car's Inside

                          Excess moisture can cause your car's interior to deteriorate gradually in the long run. Leather seats tend to crack and become rigid, while fabric seats develop mold or mildew. Metal can rust, and electricals can go wrong. These problems do not occur, and the inside of your car deteriorates slowly with the help of a dehumidifier to regulate moisture content.

                            Lowers the Risk of Electrical Problems

                            The electrical parts in your car can easily be affected by moisture. Water erodes the wires and prevents electrical components from functioning as planned. For this reason, dehumidifiers help remove moisture in the air to minimize the chances of electrical issues and breakdowns. This can help you avoid costly repairs and maintain your car’s optimum performance on the road.

                              It makes the Air Better and More Comfortable

                              When the humidity is high, the air inside a car can be pretty stale and uncomfortable. Dehumidifiers assist in this by removing excess moisture, making the air more bearable to breathe and comfortable. This can be particularly useful during summer when heat and humidity can make driving a car uncomfortable. Dehumidifiers also help improve the indoor climate since they eliminate dust mites and other microorganisms that thrive in damp areas.


                              A dehumidifier is a small but powerful tool for making the inside of your car a healthier and more pleasant place. It stops foggy windows, removes musty smells, and keeps the inside of your vehicle from getting damaged by moisture. By removing extra moisture from the air, dehumidifiers can also help lower the risk of electrical problems and improve air quality. If you want your car to look, smell, and run well, consider getting a crawl space dehumidifier. Purchase the best dehumidifier in a car from Abestorm. Our collection offers you strong and effective air scrubbers to remove moisture. 


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